AGNS ArtParty

Description: Guests were invited to leave their stereotypes at the door during the annual installment of ArtParty, an AGNS event that crushes boundaries and what you thought art should be. The Circle wanted to change the way people viewed art by inviting Haligonians to take in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in a way never done before. AGNS was transformed into a vibrant space where lights, music, food and, most importantly art, allowed visitors to inspire their own experience. Attendees mingled with fellow art-lovers, met curators and artists, wandered the galleries and even made their very own work of art. It was a one-of-a-kind night at AGNS!

Start Time: February 5th, 2016 at 12:00am
End Time: February 6th, 2016 at 12:00am
Location: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Address: 1723 Hollis Street

City: Halifax
Province: NS
Postal Code: B3J 0B5

AGNS ArtParty - Heather Juby, Glen, Natalie & Madeline Heather Juby, Glen, Natalie & Madeline AGNS ArtParty - Ruth, Nick & Nira Ruth, Nick & Nira AGNS ArtParty - Alex & Lauren Alex & Lauren AGNS ArtParty - Marla & Melanie Marla & Melanie AGNS ArtParty AGNS ArtParty AGNS ArtParty - Rebecca & Sindi Rebecca & Sindi AGNS ArtParty - Kate, "Party Mario Lanza", Angie & Jessica Kate, "Party Mario Lanza", Angie & Jessica AGNS ArtParty - Tara, Redmon & Pam Tara, Redmon & Pam AGNS ArtParty - Sam, Ben & Sherry Sam, Ben & Sherry AGNS ArtParty - Chrissy & Krista Chrissy & Krista AGNS ArtParty - Artists Courtney Leonard & Fran Francis Artists Courtney Leonard & Fran Francis AGNS ArtParty - Joanne, Suzanne & Chris Joanne, Suzanne & Chris AGNS ArtParty - DJ Mathematix DJ Mathematix AGNS ArtParty AGNS ArtParty - Flo, Camille & Shawna Flo, Camille & Shawna AGNS ArtParty - Sarah & Emily Sarah & Emily AGNS ArtParty - Sam, Sarah & Emily Sam, Sarah & Emily AGNS ArtParty - Mike & Jennifer Mike & Jennifer AGNS ArtParty - Leanne & Hilary Leanne & Hilary AGNS ArtParty - Chris & Darren Chris & Darren AGNS ArtParty - Kevin & Lezlie Kevin & Lezlie AGNS ArtParty - Kasia & Andrew Kasia & Andrew